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Aneu Perspective Podcast #1 - Dr. Thomas Macsay on Naturopathy, Circadian Rhythm and Formulation.

Founder & CEO Joseph Valenzuela and Chief of Formulation, Dr. Thomas Macsay dive deep into Naturopathy and the formulation of our flagship, Aneu Rhythm Supplement line. If your looking to learn about the naturopathic approach to vitality and how and why we made a formulation to help balance your circadian rhythm then dive in to this podcast and share it with friends.

Aneu Perspective Podcast #2 - md Philip Blaire on CBD and the many healing benefits of Cannabis.

Joseph Valenzuela interviews West Point grad, Retired Colonel, and Top CBD Expert Dr. Philip Blaire. They discuss what has created the recent boom of CBD globally, and the many different ways it effects our body to enhance our quality of life.

Aneu Perspective Podcast #3 - Jeff Chilton on Medicinal Mushrooms

Joseph Valenzuela interviews Medicinal Mushroom Master and Industry legend Jeff Chilton. Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Nammex, one of the highest quality mushroom cultivators in the world. We discuss how special mushrooms are to our human race in their ability to treat disease and enhance our quality of life, as well as how they help our reshape our environment as one of the unique kingdoms of our planet.