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Used in traditional botanical medicine throughout eastern Europe for treating many ailments ranging from low libido to enhanced vitality, Chaga gets its name from the Russian word “czaga” for fungus. It traditionally grows out the sides of mature birch trees in cold climates.


In clinical studies, Inonotus Obliquus has shown to stimulate white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses. In vitro studies, Chaga has been shown to fight cancers of various types, well as shrink tumors by up to 60% in mice. It also supports a healthy heart by lowering blood sugar & cholesterol.


Our certified organic Chaga is grown on Birch wood, as it does in Nature. It is then harvested and concentrated into an extract, and scientifically verified for it’s active compounds called Beta-Glucans. Lastly, we micronize the extract powder for enhanced bioavailability so you get maximum absorption and immune boosting benefits.


Support a healthy heart, lower blood sugar & cholesterol, stimulate white blood cells, fight off harmful bacteria & viruses.

Experience All of the Benefits of Chaga

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