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Known as a medicinal mushroom, Cordyceps have been a staple in holistic medicine for centuries for its potent anti-aging, health-promoting properties. More recently, research on the cordyceps mushroom has reported that this hero ingredient can enhance athletic performance, promote heart health, and decrease inflammation.


Cordyceps have been shown to improve measures of stamina in exercise performance. Research suggests Cordyceps may have anti-aging properties. While these findings are promising, more research must be done on humans. Test-tube and animal studies suggest Cordyceps may have the potential to treat cancer, as well as some side effects of cancer treatments. Chronically elevated blood sugar levels are common in people with uncontrolled diabetes and can have serious health effects. Research in animals suggests Cordyceps may have potential as a diabetes treatment. Cordyceps may benefit heart health by helping prevent arrhythmias and lowering levels of triglycerides and “bad” LDL cholesterol.


We use a micronized super concentrated organic extract giving you the equivalent of 1.5 grams per serving, if you were to try and eat fresh cordyceps alone. We verify the active compounds called Beta-Glucans which are standardized at over 20%, more than 3X higher than other leading mushroom supplements on the market, ensuring the highest level of efficacy.


Fights free radicals, improves athletic performance, slows effects of aging, boost energy levels, aid in preventing disease, benefits immune function, benefits immune function, fights oxidative stress, reduce symptoms of respiratory disorders, enhance sexual function.

Experience All of the Benefits of Cordyceps

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