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Guarana is a Brazilian plant native to the Amazon basin. It contains an impressive range of stimulants, such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Guarana also boosts antioxidants, such as tannins, saponins and catechins. Today, 70% of guarana produced is used by the beverage industry in soft and energy drinks, while the remaining 30% is turned into powder.


Guarana Seed has been shown to have antioxidant properties, a low dose of guarana can improve mood, learning and memory. Guarana contains natural caffeine, which may aid weight loss by boosting metabolism. It has also been found to suppress genes that aid fat cell production and promote genes that slow it down. Guarana may aid heart health by improving blood flow and preventing blood clots. It can also decrease the oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol.


We’ve used the proper dose of 75 mg to maximize mental acuity, while still delivering the other clinically effective benefits of this amazing plant. In clinical studies, doses of 37.5, and 75 milligrams actually produced superior results in learning compared to 300 mg. Suggesting that a smaller dose will increase mental acuity without over stimulation from the caffeine.


Improves mood, enhances learning & memory, boosts metabolism, aids in weight management, improves blood flow & reduces blood clots, lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Experience All of the Benefits of Guarana Seed

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