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Huperzine A is a superstar of the nootropic supplement industry and is found naturally in Chinese club moss Huperzia serrata, from which it gets its name. Historically, Chinese club moss has been used for medicinal purposes, with one of its main uses being to help clear and focus the mind. Modern research into huperzine A for brain support and function lend credence to this traditional usage.


Huperzine A has been found to act as acholinesterase inhibitor, a type of medicine used to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine (a chemical essential to learning and memory). Not just used as a treatment for Alzheimer'sdisease, huperzine A is also said to enhance learning and memory and to protect againstage-related cognitive decline. Early research suggest it can be used to boost energy, increase alertness, fight depression, and aid in the treatment of myasthenia gravis, anautoimmune disorder that affects the muscles.


We use 10 micrograms per serving of Huperzine A in the formula, and we do NOT micronize it, as it is already at the proper dosage shown in clinical studies to be effective in supporting higher brain functions.


Relieve pain and aches, reduce depression, may alleviate cancer-related symptoms, acts as a neuro-protectant, reduce anxiety & stress, reduce symptoms of epilepsy & parkinson’s, reduce blood pressure

Experience All of the Benefits of Huperzine A

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