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Tyrosine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body by another amino acid called phenylalanine. It is a precursor for three important neurotransmitters: dopamine (mood and motivation), norepinephrine (muscle recovery and blood flow), and noradrenaline (focus and drive). When stress depletes your neurotransmitter stores, tyrosine helps replenish them, allowing you to stay mentally sharp for longer, especially when you’re under pressure.


In one study, tyrosine significantly improved working memory during a mentally demanding task. Working memory plays an important role in concentration and following instructions. In a similar study, participants were given either a tyrosine supplement or a placebo before completing a test used to measure cognitive flexibility. Compared to the placebo, tyrosine was found to improve cognitive flexibility. (Cognitive flexibility is the ability to switch between tasks or thoughts. The quicker a person can switch tasks, the greater their cognitive flexibility.)


L-Tyrosine is common in food, but to get its brain-boosting, stress-relieving benefits, you want purified tyrosine in supplement form.


Elevates Mood, Increases Cognitive Abilities, Supports Enhanced Learning Capacity.

Experience All of the Benefits of L-Tyrosine

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