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Legend has it Maitake received it’s name “dancing mushroom” in feudal Japan from the expert foragers who would dance for joy when they found them, since they would be paid their weight in silver. Before commercial production, foragers would only reveal their harvest locations upon death, in their wills to their eldest sons!


Clinical Studies are showing Grifola Frondosa has incredible benefits in fighting cancer, lowering cholesterol, supporting type 2 diabetes, and reducing cold & flu virus symptoms.


We use certified organic Maitake mushrooms and produce a concentrated extract to remove the water and maximize potency. Then we scientifically verify the extract for its Beta-Glucan. content, the active compound. Lastly, we micronize our extract for enhanced bioavailability, so you get more out of each milligram.


Fight cancer cells, lower cholesterol, reduce cold & flu virus symptoms.

Experience All of the Benefits of Maitake Mushroom

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