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Naturally grown on Mulberry trees, Phellinus Linteus has been revered as apothecaric medicine for millennia in China & Japan. It gained recent acclaim when it was used in the Meshima Islands of Japan to shrink the size of tumors for the victims of the atomic bombings on Nagasaki & Hiroshima.


Clinical studies have shown Phellinus extract to be very supportive in fighting cancer, especially breast cancer, and increase the efficacy of antitumor drugs. It has shown promise in helping inhibit type 1 diabetes, and when combined with other medicinal mushrooms aids the immune system in fighting infectious disease.


Our certified organic Phellinus is grown on Mulberry wood, as it does in Nature. It is then harvested and concentrated into an extract, and scientifically verified for it’s active compounds called Beta-Glucans. Lastly, we micronize the extract powder for enhanced bioavailability, so you get maximum absorption and immune boosting benefits.


Help inhibit type 1 diabetes, fight infectious disease, & aid the immune system.

Experience All of the Benefits of Phellinus Mushroom

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