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Maritime pine trees grow in countries on the Mediterranean Sea. Its use dates back to the 1500s when French explorer Jacques Cartier and his sailors struggled with scurvy – a severe vitamin C deficiency – during their long sailing voyages from France to the New World. The story goes that First Nations tribes shared their ancestral wisdom with Cartier and used the local pine tree bark as a decoction (herbal tea) to treat scurvy. Today, we know that pine bark is an even better source of vitamin C (the cure for scurvy) than oranges, has numerous beneficial phytochemicals, and natural plant compounds that support better health. The “all-stars” of the group are proanthocyanidins, and powerful antioxidant compounds (more potent than Vitamin C and E) that provide a wealth of added health benefits.


Pine Bark has been shown to boost antioxidant status and reduce Inflammation, improve blood flow to our sexual reproductive organs, help balance blood sugar levels, boost the immune system to fight common colds, enhance brain function, and aid our skin in protecting itself from UVB rays.


We’ve included 100 mg of micronized Pine Bark extract to our formula, the clinically effective dose working in synergy with our other compounded ingredients.


Boosts Antioxidant Status, Reduces Inflammation, Increases blood flow & libido, Balances blood sugar levels, Strengthens Immune System, Enhances Brain Function, Supports and protects against UVB rays.

Experience All of the Benefits of Pine Bark

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