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Native to most of the Northern Hemisphere around the world, Turkey Tail has long been used in Native American Herbalism & Traditional Chinese Medicine to support Immune Health. It gets its scientific name Trametes Versicolor, the latter part of which means “of many colors”, since it resembles that of a wild turkey tail.


One of the most studied medicinal mushrooms for it’s immune boosting qualities, Turkey Tail is loaded with antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress related to some cancers & heart disease. It is also used in Japan in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments to improve results. It has great pre-biotics that help nourish healthy gut bacteria. And lastly, has antiviral and antimicrobial properties.


Our formula micronizes a concentrated extract of certified organic Turkey Tail to give you enhanced bioavailability, to maximize support for restoring your Gut Microbiome and aiding your body in regular defense against pathogens.


Nourish healthy gut bacteria, reduce oxidative stress, boost immunity, antiviral & antimicrobial properties.

Experience All of the Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

Aneu Immunity